2016-Mileage-Deduction - Medical

The Medical Mileage Allowance

Often changes a little from year to year and sometime no one notices the change very much as it stays in the same ball park as it has now for a few years.

Of course when you are filing taxes you would need Mileage Log for your miles claimed and the rate would come into play at that time.  

The top of this page has a nice link to get a free Mileage log to print out.
As you can assume the IRS insists that you keep and accurate log.

For the year 2016 it is 19 cents per mile.

Ha! We haven't got the info yet but as soon as we are informed by our dear government we will post it here.   The new information for the following year usually gets to me in the fall.

 You can check back to see the previous years rates.

Here is the 2015 Medical/Moving rate.

Here is some info for the year 2014 Medical Mileage Allowance.

In the past it has changed mid-year.

Back in 2011 the change came mid year - July 1 and the rate differed from what it had been by a smidgen.

Check later in the year for our notification of medical/ moving mileage allowance of deductible rate change.

You can do a little math with last years numbers for a long term result in savings.

 Say you take the current rate or past rate and multiply that figure by the miles that each trip gives you, then multiply that by the amount of trips that you are going to make.

You get a result that tells you how much you could save on taxes if you use this method of allowance of deduction.

Use a Mileage Log - It's free!

The Internal Revenue Service will be concerned about the accuracy of the records that you are required to keep for the year.

The IRS does not like "guesstimation".  

The top of the page has a link to the Mileage Log Page.
There you can download it to save in your computer.
Later you can print it as much as you like.


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