2016-Mileage-Deduction - Charity

The Charity Mileage Allowance for 2016

Every year I look to the latest announcement by our dear government for the rate for the Charity allowance to see if they ever thought about raising it.

I think that they have forgotten to look at the rate and the costs to maintain a vehicle etc for charity driving.

It was 14 per mile for the last several years.  I hoped that this year they could have found it in their hearts  to make a change, even a small one would have been helpful.

For 2016 the rate is the same as for the last several years! It is 14 cents a mile.

That increase could have been marvelous but no! So, for next year we will hope for our dear govenment to let me know the new rate. It usually is given to me in the fall, and then I will publish it here.
This will be the hot spot to look the announcement.

"So for the year 2016
we can get a 14 cent per mile allowance for miles driven for charity and qualifying use."

A charitable person's wonderful automobile

Last year the rate was the same as it had been for the previous few years for charity.
For the other increased rates from the previous year (business, medical/moving) you can check the details on the 2015 Mileage Page.

Let's try some simple math

Of course it is worth doing some math to understand where you are financially if you take the allowance.

Let's do it for the last few years, this year again it is 14 cents a mile.

If you drove 100 miles a week for an acceptable charity and you did this every week (52 weeks) a year then you got 14 cents a mile.
Here look at it this way:
100 miles x 52 weeks = 5,200 miles, then 5,200 miles x 14 cents per mile = 78200 cents .

Therefore you could have taken a tax allowance of $782.00 that year for driving to aid a charity.

There are requirements

For you to use the charity allowance. You can't use another deduction at the same time for the cost of repairs or the price of new tires, etc.

One big one is that they require you to keep a log of the miles driven for charity.

We have a free Mileage Log on this website - click the link to the Mileage Log page in the links at the top of this page.

You can print it out for yourself and save the PDF in your computer to refer to when you want to print another. You could give it to a friend for their own use.


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